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  1. To help nurture artistic talent, to provide a place to teach, learn, exhibit and perform in an environment that bolsters community, to bring together people of diverse cultures for a common cause: The Arts.


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History of the L. M. Alcott Art Center Foundation

The L.M. Alcott Art Center or Alcott Arts Center as most know us was started in an effort to save a neighborhood school (Our building first opened in 1923 as the Louisa May Alcott Grade School, serving the Kansas City, Kansas public school system in that capacity until 1976) from becoming a minimum-security prison in 1999 in our mostly residential area. At the time our area was troubled with old abandoned truck stop buildings across the street from our school building and a less than desirable motel that rented rooms by the hour. 

Our community needed some hope! The founders (a group of local neighbors who lived close to the building and some other local business people) were given an opportunity to help create a positive environment in our own neighborhood. The Board of Education agreed to sell the building to an area NBR, the Central Avenue Betterment Association. This group had the building a little over a year when the original neighborhood people who petitioned the BOE to stop the sell to the prison were called upon to come back and help define a direction for this historic old school building. 

We joined in and organized a fact finding committee to make sure that what ever was in the school would be something positive and that it would benefit a large variety of people and bring opportunities to the local KCK area , as well as preserve our wonderful old building. Our committee after a few months of searching for the best solution decided on the concept of something different for our area altogether, an Arts Center. 

The Alcott Arts Center was designated as an Arts only facility in October of 2001. 

The Central Avenue Betterment Association in 2002 decided to sell the building to the steering committee and move back to the Central Avenue area. The committee filed for state not for profit incorporation (approved in March of 2002) and has been know formally as the L.M. Alcott Art Center Foundation ever since.

LMAACF Is a non-profit 501(c) (3), 509(a) (2) Public Charity dedicated to the appreciation, understanding, and production of the arts, with an emphasis on exploring and sharing the cultural diversity within our community. 

We have been in existence now for fourteen years as a self sustaining Arts Foundation. We are a 501(c)(3), 509(a)(2) not for profit public charity. We have awarded grants and scholarships, taught classes in several areas of the Arts, curated over three hundred Art Exhibits and produced several plays at the Alcott Arts Center. We have partnered with several groups at public functions and even been involved with national Arts programs including the National Endowment of the Arts' "the Big Read" program.

Alcott has become a regional Arts Organization with interaction with Artists, Actors, teachers and sponsors from all over the area and country. It has been a unique challenge to start something from scratch but it has been a great experience to be thrown into the world of the Arts in this endeavor.

The area has since changed from the old scary rundown place to something we can all be proud of. The city has given much needed attention to the blight and brought economic redevelopment our way. The run down buildings and motel are gone, replaced by a multi-million dollar retail development. It is nice after enduring years of things the other way to be able to drive up the street and see people get out of their vehicle not afraid to move around the area freely.

While we are sure that they did not bring the improvements because of the Alcott Arts Center 's existence, we are hopeful they saw that we were a benefit to the greater community and that if we could make it work here, then they could too.

We are looking forward to a great future knowing that we are making life a little better for some and a lot better for many. The first time Artist's and performers that have been given the Artistic opportunities though Alcott has been the biggest blessing.  Maybe, just maybe they will go on to be a world renowned Artist, and to think it would all have been made possible because people wanted to take ownership of their neighborhood and work hard to make sure something positive happened. Oh and by the way not only is The LMAACF self-sustaining (due to memberships, donations, fundraisers, sponsors and our programs) but it has been operated and ran by unpaid/volunteer staff for all of the thirteen years in service. There have been well over 40,500 hours of donated time given to this unique organization.

Thanks for reading about us. Now be a part of the Art!

The Alcott Arts Center is collecting Food items for the Central Avenue Center of Hope Food Pantry in Kansas City, Kansas. Please help us help them by bringing canned goods with you when you visit the Alcott. Their fine organization helps many people that may not otherwise be able to help themselves.



The Alcott website experienced a glitch that caused us to lose almost all of the pictures that had been posted in the past.

We are now working to restore them all but may not resolve this issue soon. Please be patient with us, as we repair the damage.

We would like to thank you for your input! 

Carrie Rose Parker: its a wonderful place but I don't get over to it very often

Jennifer Jeffries: I have enjoyed every trip I've made there.

Johanna Gentry: It inspires me to create more. There are a variety of crafts and space to create my new masterpieces!

Judith Hampton: It sounds like an ideal place to create.

John Lenz: I'm impressed that the Alcott is truly a "Community" Arts Center. It feels Grass-Roots and organic, like a place for expression.

Dawn Kindred: What Alcott means to me is having a safe, reliable partner in the community who will help children maximize and realize  their potential in the arts. Alcott cares about this community and the children within it and that shows in the countless productions, classes and exhibits that we in the community have access to, thanks to Alcott. I am a girl scout leader, PTA leader and mother. We have been involved with Alcott for many years and have watched numerous children succeed with their programs.

Monica Crowe: I love the Alcott Arts Center and what it stands for: community connections. They help with lots of projects that involve kids of all ages. They promote creativity thru various arts. A very welcoming place. GREAT PLACE, GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT SENSE OF COMMUNITY!.

Angelica Sandoval: "Alcott Arts Center is an encouraging place for new and exciting workshops. Alcott Arts Center has been a supportive ally in the realization of Brazin Mavens !!! It is a hidden Gem within KCK!!"

Va'Shaun Adams: Alcott is creativity nurtured and born to produce. I am one of Alcott's children that has benefited greatly from the directors at the Art Center. I love that they do a showcase of different artistic things to spark creativity in our youth, keeping them off the streets. Thank you much Alcott! 
FaceBook Post     
Alcott Arts Center
July 19 near Kansas City, KS

We will be at Bethany Park in KCK for the La Placita Arts Festival today 11-3pm. Stop at our booth and do a Spin-art project and get some graffiti Art from Darryl Woods. Lots of fun and food today.

Darryl Woods Yeah....here we go...Drawing for the masses !!!...LOVE IT!!!!...I just want to draw!!!!!
July 19 at 9:58am ·

Jeff Bryant Thanks for your consistent community involvement. It is the kind of dedication that you two show that makes a huge difference in our city.
July 19 at 1:01pm ·

Tina Donovan
3 hrs ·
I would like to give a heads up to the Alcott Arts Center for giving me the opportunity to show my artwork here in Kansas City. I have waited patiently for a few years since arriving in America and glad to be back out there in the big wide world of exhibiting again. There are endless ideas I want to bring into form and share with the rest of the world once they are done. Keep Art Alive Kansas City!

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Alcott was one of the top rated Not for Profit Organizations in the Nation with greatnonprofits.org in 2011, 2013 and 2015! 


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What is the

Alcott Arts Center


How does it function?

We are formally known as the L. M. Alcott Art Center Foundation and we are an all Volunteer organization. For the last eleven years the LMAACF has offered Theatrical Productions, Art Exhibitions, Art Classes of many different types and several forms of theatrical training. We have provided opportunities for first time directors to direct semi-professional plays, allowing a nurturing environment for associate member groups that use the Alcott facilities for rehearsal space, theatre productions and fundraisers.

The Foundation’s goal is to provide Artistic opportunities. This has proven to be something we do very well. The facility has seen participation of artists from a larger than anticipated geographical area. Turning into a regional Arts environment within the first two years of our fourteen year stint. People really love the old school feel, tall ceilings, wood floors and steam radiators. Some have likened the rehearsal and Art Galleries to New York style studios.

Alcott functions under the

“Everything Positive-Nothing Negative” Motto. We have never depended on grants to sustain our existence and have to look to the positive things in order to persevere to provide programming and events that uplift others.

There have been thousands of volunteer hours donated to making The Alcott Arts Center successful and now we need others to step up to help us.

Can we depend on you?

There will be several fundraisers each year to help us raise the money to keep Alcott running for the years to come. Please join in the fun.

What’s inside the

Alcott Arts Center?

The Alcott Arts Center offers a 60 seat theatre with a raised stage 30’L x 14’ deep w/ entrance from 1 wing and from the audience. The theatre is  on the upper level of the building.

On the Main Level we offer a Meeting Room, Art Room and 2 Galleries 25‘x35’ with track lighting w/ 1 wall all windows.

In the lower Level we have a Ceramics/Stained Glass Studio with kilns, molds, ovens and work space.