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Our Mission

  1. To help nurture artistic talent, to provide a place to teach, learn, exhibit and perform in an environment that bolsters community, to bring together people of diverse cultures for a common cause: The Arts.

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What We Stand For

(the Alcott Motto)
Everything Positive- Nothing Negative”

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Next Dates for the Book Mobile to be at Alcott:

Fridays from
2:30 to 4:30PM

April 11

April 24

May 8

May 22

June 5

June 26

July 10

July 24

August 7

August 21

September 4

September 18

October 2

October 16

October 30

We would like to thank all of our supporters for their donations. Your generosity is depended on for our programming and general operating expenses. Please remember that all of the Alcott staff are still volunteering(after fourteen years)! They make sure that Alcott exists through their dedication and giving of their time. So Please remember that if you can’t help financially we always need volunteers! They make the world a better place and help make Alcott work.

If you can donate monetarily here is a PayPal Donation Button to make it easy for you to help us out.

All Monetary Donations are tax deductible.

The L.M. Alcott Art Center Foundation is a

501(c)(3), 509(a)(2), Public Not For Profit Charity 

“An Evening of Song”


Gary Barber

with piano accompaniment

by Debbie Goddard

Classes at the Alcott

Classes run from June 2 through August.

Arts and Crafts All Ages

Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30-8:30pm  $5 each class visit. Bring your children out and stay to bond with them through the artistic experience. Projects include Sun Catchers, Pottery, Ceramics, Painting Masterpieces, Tye Dye t-shirts, Jewelry, Wind chimes, Wooden Name Plaques, Holiday Decorations.

The Alcott is NOT ADA Accessible,yet.

Arts and Craft Classes at the Alcott have seen great success this year.

Beginning Cursive Handwriting

We've changed the class day to Thursday's at 6:30pm. We will be teaching the basics of Cursive Handwriting. Most of the schools are no longer teaching this subject. Class fee $40 for 6 weeks. All supplies included in the fee. The Alcott Arts Center is NOT ADA Accessible. For more info contact Chris 913-233-2787


“Loves, Labours, Lost”

Rehearsals start Tuesday July 28th 6pm.

Congratulations to everyone in this years

Shakespeare in the Parking Lot Production!

Our Cast for this years production is as follows:

Ferdinand  -   Ryan Scully

Berowne    -  Khalid Johnson

Longaville  -   Jeff Shouse

Dumaine   -   Tyler Young

Princess    -  Lindsay Roland

Roasline    -  Bridget Wolfe

Maria         - Stephanie Spalding

Katherine   - Kimberly Gassen

Boyet         - John Walton-Nunez

Page and Lord  -  Zoe Green Lockwood

Armado       -  Alex Stockard

Moth            -  Angela Zieber

Jaquenetta  -  Liz Swick/Maddie Wahle

Costard       -  Dakota Garrison

Dull             -  Katya Mason Woolard

Nathaniel    - Jocelyn Carolus

Holofernes  -   David Innis

Forester   -   Jesse Cruz

Come ready and dress cool for the extreme heat forecasted for Tuesday.

We would like to Thank our friends at Kansas Power Mower (913-621-4484) at 1405 North 38th Street in Kansas City Kansas for their support. They have been helping Alcott with our weed eaters and mowers for the past several years. If you need small engine repair, tune-ups or just parts please contact them first. They are great people that have supported many not for profit organizations in the past and are a long time KCK business. Please show them your love.

They have never taken a tax write-off for helping the Alcott, so we thought that we would show them some love. How awesome are they? Good people making life better.

CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES AND VIDEOSNews_Events/Entries/2015/5/16_An_Evening_of_Songfeaturing_Gary_Barber_with_piano_accompaniment_by_Debbie_Goddard.html

The Lord Mayors Company returns to Alcott!

Join us August 15, 2015 7pm as they have a Benefit the Alcott.

The LMC will present a

Silly side of Shakespeare

as an event to promote

Alcott’s Shakespeare In The Parking Lot VIII

“Loves, Labours, Lost” by William Shakespeare

$10 admission

Since 2004 the Lord Mayor’s Company has been performing, in their words, “Shakespeare the way it was meant to be seen, Short and Silly”. They have entertained through the Midwest but have missed performing publicly for their hometown Kansas City audiences for the last few years. To satisfy that urge, answer the pleas of local fans and to help raise money for a good cause, they will team with the Alcott Arts Center and present three of their Shakespearean Shorts on the evening of August 15th at the Kansas City, Kansas location of the Arts Center. That night -- for a donation of $10 -- guests can watch the troupe of the LMC present “The Scottish Play or Lord of the Thanes, Fellowship of the Sheep”, Shakespeare’s lost musical “Robio and Marionette” and “Romeo and Much Ado About a Shrew”. All the while, they will be helping forward the arts education mission of the Alcott and promoting the two weekends of performance in September of “Loves Labours Lost” at the annual Shakespeare In The Parking Lot held at the Arts Center. If this sounds like a fun evening to you, the Alcott and the LMC invite you to join them. The Alcott Arts Center is not ADA accessible.

Vala Artist Exhibition Oct 10, 2015


Halloween 2015

More events have yet to be posted.



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