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Our Mission

  1. To help nurture artistic talent, to provide a place to teach, learn, exhibit and perform in an environment that bolsters community, to bring together people of diverse cultures for a common cause: The Arts.

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What We Stand For

(the Alcott Motto)
Everything Positive- Nothing Negative”

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Next Dates for the Book Mobile to be at Alcott:

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2:30 to 4:30PM

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We would like to thank all of our supporters for your donations. Your generosity is depended on for our programming and general operating expenses. Please remember that all of the Alcott staff are still volunteering(after fourteen years)! They make sure that Alcott exists through their dedication and giving of their time. So Please remember that if you can’t help financially we always need volunteers! They make the world a better place and help make Alcott work.

If you can donate monetarily here is a PayPal Donation Button to make it easy for you to help us out.

All Monetary Donations are tax deductible.

The L.M. Alcott Art Center Foundation is a

501(c)(3), 509(a)(2), Public Not For Profit Charity 

Held over for June’s First Friday the

Wyandotte Art Association Celebrating 50 Golden Years of Art in Wyandotte County.

We are very proud to have been honored as the place for the WAA to celebrate their 50th Year Anniversary and we are pleased to announce that the WAA will be exhibiting Artwork from their membership. The Exhibit at Alcott will end with this last evening showing starting at 6:30PM helping them mark their incredible milestone. Come meet the Artists and find out what their organization can offer you as a new member. The group held a silent auction on opening night with an assortment of goodies and gift baskets donated by from several of the Wyandotte Arts Association members and Alcott friends. The proceeds from the auction went to the Alcott. What an example to others; celebrating 50 years of service to Wyandotte County by raising money for another not for profit, in this case it's benefiting the Alcott.

                        This will be the last showing of this exhibit at the Alcott.

What a wonderful Night!
A note from the Alcott Board President: 
We would like to Thank All involved with this event. It was another example of how we are supported by the people that utilize and believe in our organization. 
As many of you know Alcott has been supported by donations, fundraisers, theatrical productions, sponsorships and by the one lone grant (BPU Community Development grant) that Alcott had sought and received.
It has come to our attention through a recent article that it gave the perception that Alcott gains it’s funds from it’s own fundraisers alone. This couldn’t be further from the truth!
We exist because of great people like Gary Barber and Debbie Goddard and many others over the years. 
Almost every fundraiser in the past fourteen years supporting the Alcott were presented and performed by others that believe in what Alcott offers and stands for and wanted to help raise funds through their Artistic skills.
There are many examples of how we are supported by others that our people will be making sure get the proper attention they deserve in the upcoming days. But the most important thing for everyone to know and that is that Alcott is not in this alone, that we want to and do work with others and that even though we are built to stand on our own footings, we want the financial support of others that believe in our message of inclusion for all. 
Gary and Debbie, along with their friends and families helped bring this event off without a hitch and we will always be grateful to them for that. We were all very well entertained and loved every minute and are fortunate to be able to call you our friends!
Please Click Here to see more about them generously donating their talents to a good cause.
Thank you for being Alcott supporters!
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“An Evening of Song”


Gary Barber

with piano accompaniment

by Debbie Goddard

Arts and Craft Classes at the Alcott coming this June!

June 2- July 30.

Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30-8:30pm ages 4-15 $5 each class visit. Projects Sun Catchers, Pottery, Painting Masterpieces, Tye Dye t-shirts, Jewelry, Wind chimes, Wooden Name Plaques, Holiday Decorations. The Alcott is NOT ADA Accessible,yet.

“The Robin Hood Files”

by Phil Tuffin Directed by Katie Lee

Inspector Green and Constable Wood are trying to identify the real Robin Hood from four suspects who may have robbed the Bishop of Hereford. Through cunning use of reconstructions, the various suspects present their cases. $8 general admission Ages 12 & under and Senior citizens $6

Performance dates June 13 & 20 7pm and June 14 & 21 3pm.

                The Alcott is NOT ADA Accessible, yet.

Our Cast:

Wood: Dani Saunders

Green: Eva Kading

Robin 1 & 3: Anthony Cusumano

Robin 2 & 4: Dean Foreman

Marian 1 & 2 & Gertrude: Jenna Bickelhaupt

Sheriff 1-3 and Justin Time: Jesse Cruz

Prince & Alan A’Dale & Wayne: Dakota Garrison

Will 1-4: Zoe Green-Lockwood

Much, The Miller’s Son: Isabel Abio

David of Doncaster: Alyssa Cusumano

Little John 1-4: Alexander Gerardy

Ellen & Captain & Chancellor: Ivy Gerardy

King Richard & Bishop of York: Josephine Gerardy

Bishop Herford and Herald: Victoria Gerardy

Sir Robert de Bilder: Harley Carolus