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Our Mission

  1. To help nurture artistic talent, to provide a place to teach, learn, exhibit and perform in an environment that bolsters community, to bring together people of diverse cultures for a common cause: The Arts.

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What We Stand For

(the Alcott Motto)
Everything Positive- Nothing Negative”

The Alcott Arts Center

Needs Heat!

In 2002 we bought a building that did not have a heat source. So, each year, we close the building after our annual Halloween Trunk or Treat that we host for the kiddies.

So, we close down for the winter, it’s something we have done for nine years. Our goal is to have a heating and cooling system ran by solar, geothermal or some other renewable energy source. Allowing us to stay open year round. If we accomplish that we could do so much more for everyone.

That may transpire at some time in the distant future, but till then we produce all we can from April through October.

Everything we have done, has been accomplished through money raised from donations, fundraisers and sponsorships. While it’s never been enough to pay salaries or get us heat, it has provided us the ability to offer the Artistic Opportunities our mission statement mandates, when we are open.  When you look at all of the pictures (we have several years of pictures still to load onto the website) from events pages on this site, just ask yourselves what it takes to accomplish this much without grants.

I’ll tell you; it’s all due to people deciding that no matter what a person’s self value and need to be monetarily compensated is, it can be set aside to help others. It’s all about volunteerism, without the selfless people that help Alcott, nothing would happen. They receive our unending appreciation and some even get rooms named after them.

Alcott is a 501(c)(3), 509(a)(2) Not for Profit Public Charity.

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What’s inside the Alcott Arts Center?

The Alcott Arts Center offers a 60 seat theatre with a raised stage 30’L x 14’ deep w/ entrance from 1 wing and from the audience. The theatre is  on the upper level of the building.

On the Main Level we offer a Meeting Room, Art Room and 2 Galleries 25‘x35’ with track lighting w/ 1 wall all windows.

In the lower Level we have a Ceramics/Stained Glass Studio with kilns, molds, ovens and work space.

We are very proud to be associated with numerous artists, teachers, performers, groups and organizations. They are always helpful in helping us help you!

What is the

Alcott Arts Center


How does it function?

We are formally known as the L. M. Alcott Art Center Foundation and we are an all Volunteer organization. For the last eleven years the LMAACF has offered Theatrical Productions, Art Exhibitions, Art Classes of many different types and several forms of theatrical training. We have provided opportunities for first time directors to direct semi-professional plays, allowing a nurturing environment for associate member groups that use the Alcott facilities for rehearsal space, theatre productions and fundraisers.

The Foundations goal is to provide Artistic opportunities. This has proven to be something we do very well. The facility has seen participation of artists from a larger than anticipated geographical area. Turning into a regional Arts environment within the first two years of our eleven year stint. People really love the old school feel, tall ceilings, wood floors and steam radiators. Some have likened the rehearsal and Art Galleries to New York style studios.

Alcott functions under the

“Everything Positive-Nothing Negative” Motto. We have never depended on grants to sustain our existence and have to look to the positive things in order to persevere to provide programming and events that uplift others.

There have been thousands of volunteer hours donated to making The Alcott Arts Center successful and now we need others to step up to help us.

Can we depend on you?

There will be several fundraisers this year to help us raise the money to keep Alcott running for the Twelfth  year. Please join in the fun.

This is potentially our new boiler. We are hoping that we will be able to raise the money needed to get it purchased and installed.

Please send your good thoughts and support our way.

Summer Arts Classes at the Alcott begin June 10th and run throughout the summer. (New classes will be added as we schedule them)

Youth Arts & Crafts Ages: 6-17 

All Classes have been extended through October! Yea! The response to the classes has been great, so due to the demand we are proud to announce their continuance.

Instructors: Chris Green, Summer Youth Interns

Thus. June 12,19,26 & July 1,10,17,24, 31 6:30-8:30pm

Projects: Clay sculpture/paint, Plastic Shrinky Dinks, Holiday Decoration, Print making, Loom Potholder, Plaster Mask/paint

Each week the student will make and take home a project they have completed in class.

All supplies included. $40 to register email

The Alcott Arts Center is NOT ADA Accessible, sorry for any inconvenience

Youth Ceramics Ages: 6-17

Instructors: Chris Green, Summer Youth Interns

Tues. June 10,17,24 & July 3,8,15,22,29 6:30-8:30pm

Projects: Bowl/plate, Animal, Gift, Holiday Decoration

Students will be instructed in both greenware/firings and bisque techniques. Using glazes and stains.

All supplies included. $40 to register email

The Alcott Arts Center is NOT ADA Accessible, sorry for any inconvenience

Lampwork Glass Beads & Jewelry Ages 18 & older

Instructor: Anna Jennings

Saturday’s July 19,26 & Aug. 2,9,16,23,30 with Exhibit dates Sept. 6,7 & 13,14

Ever seen some really neat glass beads and wondered how they’re made? Now’s your chance to learn! Anna Jennings (Fairie Beads Lampwork Bead and Jewelry artist) has been making lampwork beads and jewelry since 2000 and is excited to share her knowledge with you! In this 8 week class you’ll learn about lampwork tools and torch safety, and how to make 5 different kinds of glass beads. You’ll also learn how to put your beads into wearable, durable piece(s) of jewelry, and even gather some tips and tricks for displaying your piece(s) in your very own art show!

Classes will be held at the Alcott Arts Center starting Sat. July 19, and will run for 9 weeks with the last 2 classes being exhibit time. Classes will be every Saturday from 2-4pm and are limited to 5 students. . Total cost is $150 for all 8 classes and includes most materials. Students must be 18 or older.

To register email

The Alcott Arts Center is NOT ADA Accessible, sorry for any inconvenience


“A Mid Summer Night’s Dream”


Hi everyone. As you know Alcott has been producing Plays for several years here in little ole Kansas City, Kansas. One of the programs that we started years ago is the Shakespeare in the Parking Lot Series.

Well it is that time of year again and SITPLOT only has this weekend left. It runs September 14th @ 3PM at the Alcott! 

$5 Single person admission and a non-perishable food item for local food pantry.

You can purchase tickets ahead of time at

Here are the links for each days tickets:

Saturday Sept. 13-

Sunday Sept. 14-

Due to the cooler weather on Saturday the performance will be moved inside, into the Alcott Theater.

It all started back in 2005 with the Wyandotte Players doing A Mid Summer Night's Dream directed by Kim Hentges for a fundraiser for Alcott. The SITPLOT program as we affectionately call the series is fashioned after a New York theater companies production of Shakespeare in the Parking Lot and it has been so well received that we are now into our eighth SITPLOT production. So no, it is not original to Alcott but it is well suited to our Inner City Arts Center. 

This year we once again are presenting "A Mid Summer Night's Dream", the play is Directed by Frank Presler and is sure to make you laugh and at times cry for our wonderful cast of characters. We just finished doing a series of teasers for patrons at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival on it's opening weekend over the Labor Day holiday. Everyone loved watching them perform and our actors thoroughly enjoyed being part of the festivities. If you missed the previews you can come and see the Play in it's entirety this weekend at Alcott Arts Center. the great part for our audiences is that this show goes up rain or shine. If it looks like rain or miserable outside we will move the production inside to the Alcott theater, but the Play is ready to start outside. So, bring your chairs and blankets, bring your loudest yelling voices and be ready to have a grand time with a great, funny and as always entertaining experience in live theater.

Our cast includes:  

Alex Allee- Fairy 1/Mustardseed ///////// Bailey Allee- Fairy 2

Elise Allee-First Fairy ///////////// Abigail Becker-Moth

Joselyn Carolus- Snout/Wall ////// Felicity Freeling- Philostrate/ Peaseblossom

Madison Drake- Fairy 3 ///////// Finn Smith-Morris- Starveling

Dakota Garrison- Puck //////////////// Heather Hare- Hippolyta

Dave Bennett- Egeus /////// Jamie Johnson- Starveling/Moonshine

Khalid Johnson- Quince/Prologue ///// Jordan Kaster- Lysander

Kelsey Matthias- Helena ///////// Jen Morris- Titania

John Plunkett- Theseus ////////// Roan Ricker- Flute/Thisbe

Eli Purdom- Bottom/Pyramus //////////// Jeffrey Shouse- Demetrius

Chuck Smith- Oberon ////////// London Smith- Cobweb

Liz Swick- Hermia ///////////// Katya Woolard-Snug/Lion

Come join in the revelry and excitement as we bring more arts culture to our area by presenting one of Shakespeare's funnest plays ever.

If the play is moved inside to the Alcott Theater due to weather,

patrons are to be advised that Alcott is not ADA Accessible.

Alcott Arts Center / 180 South 18th Street / Kansas City, KS 66102 / (913) 233-ARTS (2787)

My Name is Matt Diamond and I’m a student, an Alcott intern, a Photographer, entrepreneur, documentarian, occasional poet, visual artist of sorts, but when people ask what I do, I often just say, “I’m an Artist.” I like to create things and I always have since I was young. I was born and raised in Trenton, Missouri. In a small town I often had an urge to see something new so I often drew things, took things apart and put them back together, re-arranged, listened to music and wrote my own lyrics, took pictures.. Whatever the outlet may have been, it was my outlet in that moment of creative choice. These pieces you see here are moments that came and went, moments that built up and channeled onto the canvas, or from a period of artistic relaxation. I hope you enjoy these pieces of me.