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Second Saturday Drawing Frenzy Art Exhibits

Viet Nguyen:

Viet is a Kanas native and as currently an aspiring local artist. Viet has spent the last 34 years on a never ending quest to perfect his penciling, animating, watercolor and sculpting skills to bring his story ideas to life. Viet's current project is attempting to put his love of mythology, westerns and manga to create a memorable ghost story
Yen Nguyen:
Born from the land of Robot Ninjas and Eldrtich Biker gangs (Kansas City, KS). This artist has developed a love of the twisted, arcane, metal gods (ridiculous geek). He uses his talents to develop art from the ether and shatters what is real and makes one believe the impossible(takes work from more talented people and pretends he makes it, paid them beans of course, suckers). With overwhelming confidence he continues to strive to redefine the impossible(egotistical idiot that cries himself to sleep wondering why nobody likes him)
Darryl Woods: 
Darryl’s art literally spans the globe with his varying styles and interests. His art reaches man and woman, boys and girls from all walks of life. He has drawn for many companies and organizations. He draws cartoons and serious illustrations and images that span a very wide range of interests. Although Star Wars is one of his favorites, he also does caricature, portraits, fantasy and sci-fi imagery, T-shirt and tattoo design etc.....
One of his favorite things to do is draw personal name cartoons and draw caricatures at children’s events. Also live paintings are a specialty. Darryl would also like you to know that he is available for all gatherings and events to entertain you with his talent.
Arie Monroe:
is originally from Kansas City Missouri. She received a BA in Studio Art from the University of Missouri Kansas City, giving her a strong foundation in fine art and computer illustration. She also attended school in NJ at the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon Graphics where she studied Character Animation and Comic Book Illustration. Arie has worked as a caricature artist since 1997. She has worked for a variety of companies doing parties and events and live caricature all around the country. Some companies she has worked for includes Universal Studios Hollywood, Kamans Art Shoppes, Goofy Faces, Eileen Mccoy Caricatures, Fusion Designs, About Faces Entertainment, Creative Carnivals, The Fine Tooners and many more. In 2015 after many years of working for other companies Arie decided to take her work to the next level and officially started Drawlikecrazy Studios LLC. This began her journey as a small business owner working with clients to provide caricature entertainment.
DrawLikeCrazy Studios, LLC
Mike Worley:

Sean McKittrick:
aka 'Groovy' is known for drawing “sexy girls and gross monsters” (as a former girlfriend put it).  He is primarily self taught and takes inspiration from artists such as Josh Agle (SHAG) and Rob Zombie as well as classic cinema, golden age comics, and the aesthetic of the 1960s.
Drawing Frenzy is comprised of Local artists and writers who get together to work on their respective comic-related art projects each week.


Added Artists: 
Legion Fetters:
Legion is a 16 year old artist and junior at Sumner Academy of Arts and Science. She is a traditional artist and has been drawing seriously for roughly 6 years with plans of going professional after high school. With a focus on detail, her work tends to star humanoids and monsters in a style that lies somewhere between cartoony and surrealistic. The self taught artist uses mixed media in most of her work, generally using a mix of; drawing ink, acrylic, and watercolor. Most of her effort goes into development of a fantasy comic series titled "Memento Mori" and although the project has been in development for 4 years and counting, it is still unclear when it will begin production. 

Ronin Fetters:
I am a 12 year old artist working in graphic design. I'm mostly self taught, working with an art style I've developed over the years. I usually draw humans and ferals or some weird variation. I use my characters, that I've been developing since somewhere in 3rd and 4th grade, in most of my artwork, traditional or digital. Although, my main medium is digital, my artwork featured in this gallery, is all traditional. When drawing traditionally, I make pretty messy pencil sketches, or watercolors. I've been drawing since 3rd grade, but I started creating stories for the characters I made, was somewhere in 4th. I'm in 7th grade now, and I can say with confidence I have improved so, so much. I do plan to go professionally in the future, but for now I draw just to draw, and have fun with it. Meanwhile adding hints of story in them, till I have the patience and ability, to reveal the full story, in some sort of format.