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"Dracula: The Final Countdown" by Geoff Bamber Director Glendora Davis By Arrangement with Lazy Bee Scripts

A humorous interpretation of Bram Stoker's gothic horror stories. Vampires, brides, zombies and more!: 

Dracula:Stephen Tafoya
Van Helsing: Kate Williams
Beatrice: Kathy Murphy
Crabtree: Mark Millham
Harbor Master/Villager: Gabriel Millham
Hawkins/Bride: Jeremy Walter
Inn Keeper/Bride: Joselyn Carolus
Igoretta: Kristi Hibschman
Villager/zombie/extra: Zack Edwards
Mina: Alice Pollack
Harker: Brent Custer
Bride: Katya Mason
Remington: Dan Daly
Lucy: Shelby Bessette
Shepard/Villager/Dead Sailor/Zombie: Dakota Campbell
Cabin Boy: Tyler Howard
Props/Backstage: Kamren Howard
Stage Manager: Rebecca Parker De Schepper

October 20,21,27,28 7pm    October 22 & 29 3pm
Admission Price: $10 Adults and $6 Students
Alcott is not ADA Accessible, sorry.