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The Varigated World of Kitt Van Hassel

Kansas City-based illustrator, Kitt Van Hassel, created Simply Kitts Illustrations as an outlet for her bright and whimsical imagery. She is in the business of creating warm, fuzzy feelings for all ages using traditional ink and watercoloring mediums. She graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute in 2013 and has been steadily gaining traction since, producing work for the Kansas City Symphony and Windrose Armoury. She has also been developing her own greeting card line, and self-published several coloring books over the past few years. When left to her own devices, Kitt’s work veers more towards the fantastical, exploring imaginative worlds of medieval gnomes and deep-ocean dwellers through brush and ink. Her upcoming show at the Alcott Arts Center, “The Variegated World of Kitt Van Hassel”, will explore the same mix of fantasy and whimsy she has become known for, following her progression from fresh graduate to budding artist through paper, ink and color.