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Second Saturday: David Fleming: Prints, Process and Painting Exhibition

"Prints, Process and Painting" Exhibit with David Fleming
David is a Freelance Artist and Illustrator by night but by day you can find him in front of high school students in Raytown, Mo. teaching them what Art is all about. He is working on a Comic book, has a live drawing on Instagram besides being seen at Comic Con.

There will be a reception with the Artists starting at 6:30.

Exhibits are Free and Open to the Public. Exhibits run thru July 1. Galleries are open Weds. and Saturdays evenings 6:30-8pm throughout the month.

The Alcott is NOT ADA Accessible, sorry for any inconvenience.
For more info contact us at 913-233-2787  

David's Personal Bio:

I grew up in Woodbridge, Virginia a small suburb outside of Washington D.C. From there I ended up traveling the world spending time in both New Zealand and Fiji. I finally ended up in Kansas City, Missouri where I found my passion for illustration and making comics.

Early on in life I fell in love with comics, sci-fi movies and storytelling. While all the other kids my age watched Disney movies I was watching Tank Girl and Aliens with my dad because the stories were always more captivating. I remember at a young age I was always trying to tell stories. Weather it was stick figure animations with Macromedia Flash or stop-motion animations out of clay the one thing they all had in common was my attempt to tell a story. This shows in both my comics and illustrations I create.

During the day I am a full time secondary art teacher at Raytown High. In my spare time I create comics and illustrations for my website and clients. When I begin an illustration my work is very process heavy. I start with pencil sketches, then ink my work and scan it in digitally. After creating a hand painted texture I finish my process digitally in full color. Enjoying the process of creating my illustrations is very important to me as an artist. This is why I have chosen to highlight this portion of my work in my show entitled Prints, Process and Painting. 

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