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July 13th 2019 Second Saturday Art Exhibition’s

July 13th 2019 Second Saturday Art Exhibition’s will include a very talented group of family and friends. All incredibly excited for you see what they have created over the last few years. Exhibit will open with a reception at 6:30pm and the galleries will close at 8:30pm.

Featured Artist Ivan Fetters is an 18 year old artist and recent graduate of Sumner Academy of Arts and Science. Mostly self taught, he began drawing in 2010 and has been developing his resume since then through freelance work, commissions, galleries, teaching classes, and a variety of personal projects including a comic book 5 years in development. 

Ivan primarily works in mixed media with an emphasis on drawing ink and acrylic paint. However, he also has experience in watercolor, gouache, colored pencil, marker, pyrography, and digital media. He works in a semi-realistic style, characterized by high detail, heavy line work, and soft shading. 

Inspired by surrealism, Ivan’s work features the supernatural in how it interacts with the familiar. Saturated colors combined with unnatural features create a dream like quality to the characters in his pieces. Heavily influenced by modern comic artists and cartoonists, he puts an emphasis on fluidity and feeling in his work rather than a deeper meaning, choosing to leave interpretation to the viewer. 

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A featured Artist and graduate from Sumner Academy of Arts and Science, Chloe Grimm is an 18 year old, primarily self taught artist. She began working on art around her 7th grade year and knew it was a very important part of who she is. The guidance of peers and faculty in classes have helped to improve her skills in different media.

Chloe mostly works with illustration, colored pencils and watercolor. However she is familiar with the process of etching, painting (both oil and acrylic), digital media and sculpture. Chloe's style ranges from the practice of realism to pieces that capture the essence of fantasy.

The artist has been heavily inspired by content creators of her generation such as animators, cartoonists, and comic book artists. Seeing new fantasy worlds that have sprung from the imagination of many of her idols has made her feel the urge to create new concepts that are interesting to the eye.